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Montessori a chain of schools in Kurnool city that aims for progressive and holistic education where learning becomes fun through various interactive sessions.


Built on a motto "Help the child to Help himself", the core intention of the school is to make students self-learners, to understand themselves and to relate with people.


To create citizens of tomorrow steeped in traditional values of 'Empathy, Discipline and Respect', where no fears prevail, a vision that leads to change.

Welcom to RAO's GROUP

Rao’s Group is one of the leading educational organizations in Telangana. Since its inception in 1985 in Hyderabad, the organization has expanded to 32 schools and junior colleges.

Over its evolution, the organization achieved a remarkable brand name for its innovative methods of teaching like Play Activities, Live Teaching, Visual Classrooms, Quiz Programs, Project Presentations, and Science Fairs.

Over 30 years of journey, the management has implemented different ways of teaching to enhance student thinking levels and sprout leadership qualities.

The main objective of Rao’s Group is to provide quality, comprehensive education that strengthens the students potentiality and to take timely decisions with strong convictions and develop inherent strategies and practice them to write, read and think.

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"What Our Students Say"

My parents and I are very happy with the experienced faculty for taking extra care in all aspects.

M. Saideepthi

I am thankful to our expert lectures who made me understand difficult concepts easily, with the aid of practicals.


I see remarkable progress in my daughter's performance in exams. Frequent parents meetings have been very helpful.


Mr. Rao

Founder & Chairman

A gifted genius and pioneer of revolutionary teaching ‘Mr. Prabhakar Rao’ popularly known as ‘Mr Rao’ has created a niche in the education sector in the Southern States.

A popular personality on TV and Press media, he has also participated in many discussions on educational reforms and is a prominent member of the research panels in the education sector. He organized many popular TV shows like School talk and Study time.

Understanding the loopholes of the Indian educational system and bringing revolutionary changes was the biggest millstone. Unfortunately, the Indian educational system was completely dependent on rot learning for almost six decades where children’s performance and standards were judged by the marks they secured. His analysis of the nation and its requirement made Mr. Rao thinks about the importance of Pedagogical changes in the educational sector for the upliftment of the young generation. His continuous search to achieve the best standards made him cross the boundaries and visit the western and eastern societies by visiting more than 2000 institutions to find the best educational system.

A vision towards professional growth made him come up with new ideas in the field of education. As quoted by him "A teacher is a noble profession and a teacher makes many professions, reminds and makes the profession still survive in the 21st Century". The present CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) pattern, which is proven as the best child assessment system was implemented in Rao's Group of Institutions for two decades. Evaluating the child in different aspects and at regular intervals, and keeping them involved in different Curricular, Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities are part of the learning process for Rao's Group.

Mr.Rao has been most successful in maintaining the best academic standards with a team of professional experts. Continuous monitoring and training for steering committee members made the system, which is highly acceptable to children, parents, and the teacher community as a whole. He was to be the first Indian to bring Finland delegates to India and inform the Indian society about the Finland Educational System, the best educational system in the world. An awareness programme about the Finland educational system was organized throughout the state of Telangana.

His dedication and honest service to the education sector have made him synonymous with 'quality school education.'

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Extra-curricular Activities

At Rao Schools, students get a chance to get involved in a variety of activities and get hands-on experience. Our students add life to the school. We understand that few years that a student spends with us would SHAPE OR BREAK that individual, so there is great power and greater responsibility in the hands of the School. The emphasis is to make it an interesting, unforgettable experience, where students become a part of the schools community and can involve in a variety of activities, initiatives and celebrations with loads of fun.


Drawing, Painting, Sculpting & Craft


Athletics, Aquatics, Gymnastics, Combatives (Boxing, Taekwondo)


Dance (Indian, Western), Music (Vocal, Instrumental) & Theatre


Aeromodelling, Book Binding, Carpentry, Fabric Technology


Our Skilled Administrators

The main objective of Rao’s Group is to provide quality, comprehensive education that strengthens the students potentiality and to take timely decisions with strong convictions and develop inherent strategies and practice them to write, read and think.

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