Rao's Group

Welcome to RAOs International School, Beeramguda! Discover excellence and innovation through:

Our Facilities

Cutting-Edge Technology & Infrastructure: Dynamic learning environment with top-notch facilities and tech.

Expert Coaching in Diverse Sports: Elevate your athletic skills with professional guidance.

Extensive Library Resources: Dive into knowledge with our rich library.

Focus on STEM Education: Embrace robotics and coding for future challenges.

Holistic Development Assessment: Personalized growth assessments for well-being.

CBSE Curriculum: Rigorous academics aligned with CBSE standards.

Innovative Digital Classrooms: Engage with interactive tools for better learning.

Activity-Based Learning: Stress-free education through hands-on experiences.

Qualified Teachers: Educators dedicated to your growth and success.

Creative Arts: Explore dance, music, art, and craft for artistic expression.

Eco-Friendly Campus: Sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Clubs and Houses: Foster teamwork, leadership, and camaraderie.